Sunday, August 2, 2009

PHORE Week 2: Motion - freezing and conveying

Hi all! Before I dive into this assignment, I thought I'd take a moment and introduce myself. I'm Melanie, I live in Central PA, and I have 2 dogs and a crazy horse who will likely be the subjects of many of my PHORE assignments. I'm a complete newbie with cameras. My pictures will be taken on my point-and-shot Panasonic DMC-TZ1. Again....I'm a newbie, so bear with me as I try to learn new techniques!

While this is the Week 2 assignment, I didn't sign up for Week 1, so this technically is my first assignment. I thought that I would have a perfect opportunity to both freeze and convey motion this weekend as we spent 3 days with some friends at Deep Creek Lake, MD. I think that I got some great "freeze" pictures, but trying to convey motion was pretty much a complete FAIL. I didn't have time to research how to do this on my camera, and it was really frustrating that, even after playing with all of the settings, I still couldn't get the shots that I was trying for. I may have to do this assignment again in the future.

That are some of my favorite pictures from this weekend!